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Best Parks in South Florida

Parks and recreation areas are an important addition to any city or state. They are critical elements that help to improve the lives of people in urban settings thereby leading to better health for the residents, improved economic activity and a healthy ecosystem. South Florida is a highly populated area and so the parks are a great place for people to get away from their usual daily activities. It is for this reason that residents of South Florida value and appreciate their parks so much.

 Importance of Parks

  • They create an opportunity for people to unwind and soak in the beauty of nature.
  • They provide a great space for adventure activities.
  • Access to parks motivates area residents to exercise and thereby extend their health benefits. They are believed to be especially important in addressing the obesity crisis in America.
  • They encourage new developments in an area.
  • Parks spur economic development in an area. They help the municipal authorities to generate more revenue, increase the value of the property around that area and attract new residents.
  • Parks create an opportunity for children to have a hands-on-approach in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Best Parks in South Florida

South Florida has many parks but we have selected the best four parks as listed below:

Spanish River Park

It is one of the most versatile parks with activities for everyone. It is your ideal stop for a walk, swim, bike ride, surfing experience and play. It boasts of having many running and biking trails, some that take you down through tunnels into beaches and other hidden trails that take you to bird-watching sites. The park has gazebos and grill stations where family and friends can enjoy a collaborative cookout. There is a children’s play area that has slides, swings and lots of space for kids to run and play.

Biscayne National Park

The tourist industry named it the ‘Watery Wonderland’ because of its tiny islands, corals and blue water. It is the only park that has over 10,000 years of human history. It creates an opportunity for water sports such as boat riding and snorkeling. If you are looking to connect with nature, you can camp here, go for a game drive or simply enjoy relaxing by the shoreline. If you are fascinated about shipwrecks from time immemorial, the Dante Fascell Visitor center will help address your curiosity.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

It has been recognized as one of the best beaches around. It’s a great place for swimmers with great picnic sites or relaxation points along the beach shores. It is famous for hosting the oldest structure in Miami, a lighthouse that was built in 1825.

Everglades National Park

It is a unique park that stretches across three counties and boasts of being amongst the largest subtropical wildernesses in America. Visitors to this park get to enjoy beautiful historic trails, visiting prehistoric sites and the company of animals such as alligators.

Do not take parks for granted. They are a lifeline to improving the lives of individuals and communities around them. As the population of South Florida grows, it is very important to ensure that the green infrastructure that bestows on them several benefits also grows.

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