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Family Vacation Planning Post COVID

In the post COVID-19 pandemic environment, travel isn’t as simple as it was in the past. Those planning on a family vacation will have many more things to consider and requirements to meet than before. One simple omission could put the brakes on a well-deserved respite.


Travel outside the U.S. requires a passport. If you’re applying for the first time or need to renew, begin the process early. The U.S. Department of State is behind. Routine processing can take up to 3 months. Expedited processing, which costs extra, can take up to 2 months.

Vaccine Cards and Masks

A vaccination card is critical and travelers should be current on all boosters. COVID-related requirements vary widely among countries. Some require a negative test within a specified number of days prior to boarding a plane, while others require a minimum quarantine time upon arrival.

Some countries still have mask requirements in place within certain indoor areas or when utilizing public transportation. Masks should be worn over the nose and mouth. Be prepared for changes. Countries can, and do, change their rules according to rates of infection and the situation can change at a moment’s notice. Travel bans may be instituted.


The cost of airfare and accommodations have increased significantly. Be prepared to pay more, but still shop around for the best rates. Deals are still available, but individuals will need to do the legwork online to find them – or book with a travel agent who should be able to keep you advised of current COVID requirements.

Travel Insurance

Be aware that not all travel insurance plans cover COVID-related interruptions or cancellations, while others cover some situations but not all. Purchasing “cancel for any reason” coverage will provide individuals with some reimbursement, even if it doesn’t cover the full cost.

Travel insurance may or may not include quarantine-related delays and losses. Some of the policies provide benefits ranging from $100 to $2,000 per day, along with medical coverage for quarantine or hospitalization. Choose “interruption for any reason” coverage.

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