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Just Common Sense?

In a recent article found in Parenting Magazine, the author highlights some excellent points for do’s and don’ts of taking photos of your child. Rather than adhering to photography 101, they mention the safety issues of making her son’s pic and then distributing it across all your social media channels. Today’s world has become hazardous when it comes to places such as Facebook and Instagram. While we don’t want to discourage anyone from sharing family events and the like, we do think many of the tips in the article were valid. As parents, ourselves, we want everyone to have a safe and happy life without putting our kids in danger. In this blog, we expound on some of the important points you should know.

The first point they make is not to take pictures of your kids during their bath time. It’s downright sad to say they have a point that these types of photos can get into the wrong hands. While we think, kids are adorable, it’s their safety that counts.

Next, up, posting shaming videos may seem innocent but, it’s also something that can make a real mess. We’ve all seen a few videos on Facebook and Twitter where a child pouts or tells off a parent. The article claims this can be devastating in the long run. Not exactly sure how or why but they also advise this type of photo opportunity can cause a child to become stressed or develop anxiety. While this may be true, we do think this is an over the top statement by the author.

Now we know shaming and bath time are out, when do you know when to take a photo? The time may not be right if your child attends a private school where uniforms are worn with a school logo. This can tell perpetrators where your kids go to school. Be sure to give your kids proper instruction when babysitting or attending events. Children should be taught that people can find them online and places like Facebook aren’t good to advertise addresses, situations where they’re home alone or what school they go to. It may seem like common sense to you, but to your kids, it might be a different story.

Lastly, the author gives some excellent advice on not taking photos during unsafe activities. The picture isn’t the important part, the safety of yourself and your children are. People taking pics of your kids while you aren’t looking at all angles of a situation can be dangerous. Parents could be reported if they’re taking photos of their children sitting on their laps while driving a car when they should be in a car seat, can get you into some serious trouble, on top of backlash from your followers. The best suggestions we should think twice before grabbing your smartphone.

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