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New and Exciting Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, and Halloween decorations are flying off store shelves. Now is the time to start shopping before they’re sold out.

For those that can afford them, along with professional haunted house experiences, there’s an amazing array of extraordinary animatronic creatures from which to choose. The following are just some of the new and most popular this year. There are also less expensive options, but aren’t as feature rich.


The popular 12 ft. human skeleton remains popular. It’s returned this year with a new version that says preset phrases.

Haunted Tree

The 9,5 ft. tall tree has posable arms and fingers that extends the eight to 10 ft. The eyes and mouth glow.

Jack Skellington

This is ideal for fans of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas film. Jack stands an impressive 13 ft. tall and sings.

Alien Parasite

It wiggles, but appears to be contained. Then people hear an alert saying the containment has failed and to evacuate. The container fogs and the alien “leaps” forward.


The terrifying lighted, moving and talking clown has a head, arm and balloon that moves. It’s 6.5 ft. tall.


The glowing eyed creature has been captured, shivering and shaking in an effort to be free. Suddenly it lunges forward and “exhales” a breath of air on those nearby.

Witch Duo

The life-size witch duo and caldron are cooking up a brew. They talk to each other, their eyes glows, one witch swivels. This is for indoor use only.

Faceless Ghost

The 5.5 ft. tall apparition is designed to be suspended for maximum effect. The body moves and it screams. It’s for indoor or outdoor use.


Standing 7 ft. tall, it has light up eyes and “lunges” at those close by.


The lighted animatronic undead stands 6 ft. tall zombie

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