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What Equipment to Consider for your Outdoor Event

Outdoor events are becoming increasingly more popular for a number of reasons. Most people worry about “a million details” when planning their event, but there’s really just a few basic things you need to worry about to hold a highly enjoyable gathering.


The food to be served is an area in which people have the most problems. They want to make sure everyone has enough to eat and be able to stay within a specific budget. Then there’s the question of what to offer. You may not realize that catering is an option that has multiple benefits and can actually be less expensive.

The food is cooked to perfection, the catering company delivers, and staff is often on duty to serve. They can handle anything from burgers and BBQ to smoothie bars and international cuisine. Catering companies can also provide table service and the best of all – they provide all the clean-up afterward.


The event’s location will largely depend on available venues, the purpose, and the number of guests. You can hold the event in your back yard, a rented hall, or an extravagant destination location.


Enough seating and table space to accommodate each guest is essential. For informal gatherings, there are multiple rental companies that will provide the tables and chairs you need. Some will even set them up for you. Formal events at destination venues typically provide everything required.


This isn’t something most people consider when planning an event, but it’s essential in the South Florida climate to protect guests from heat, humidity, and the threat of rain. Tents and canopies can be rented to accommodate that need and there are also portable air conditioners that can be attached to tents for a cooling respite.


You may want some form of entertainment, whether it’s lawn games, a DJ, or a full-fledged band and dancing. You’ll need a solid stage or area similar to a patio for entertainers to set up their equipment. Expect dancing if a DJ or band is involved and have a dance area ready – they can be rented. If lawn games are the order of the day, just let guests loose in the yard to have fun.

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