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Hottest Kids Toys for this Holiday Season

Dozens of toys line store aisles and parents can be overwhelmed with all the choices. For parents that are trying to obtain that must-have toy for Christmas, they may find limited supplies. The following are proving to be the most desired toys for the 2019 holiday season to help parents keep ahead of the rush.

There’s a trend in toys for younger kids that foster nurturing and those that provide an element of surprise. Young social media influencers are even reaching kids and having a hand in the toys for which kids are clamoring.

Blume Dolls

Kids love surprises and Blume dolls by Skyrocket offer just that. A little bit of water activates the slow-rise foam of the doll’s hair and it springs from the soil like a plant. It’s like magic for kids and the pot doubles as a play set. At a cost of $9.99, it’s also affordable.


Offered by Little Live Pets, kids have to wash and comb the fur of their rescue pet family to determine if they have a kitten, puppy or bunny. It includes an adult and two babies. They typically retail for $29.99.

Zuru Pets Alive

Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama is the favorite robotic toy for this year, though the company offers a variety of swimming and running pets that kids can interact with in multiple ways. The recommended retail price is $24.99, but has been seen for as little as $17.99.

Hatchimal Toothless the Dragon

Kids can hatch their own baby dragon and play games like Simon Says and hot potato with this offering from Dreamworks Dragon based on the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” The electronic toy retails for about $60.

So Much to Choose

Perennial favorites like Slime Legos and dollhouses are still popular or parents can choose a new singing Elsa Doll that’s available, along with the Nintendo Switch Lite video game and a Fortnite Jumbo Llama Loot Piñata filled with over 100 surprise good goodies. Kids can also help Rizmo the interactive musical plush toy evolve from a baby alien to fully grown adult. There’s even the Fisher-Price Kinderbot that teaches kids how to code.

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