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Are High Tech Kids Smarter?

You have seen them, probably even have them. They are born with a high tech mind, interested in all things technology from the word go and they seem to know exactly what they want. Some of them can take a television set apart and put it back together while some are experts in smartphone use. People call them geeks, others call them tech nerds. The question however is; are tech kids actually smarter than other children? This article will take a look at what makes a child smart and what are the parameters to measure who is smarter than the other.

Is technology helpful?

Everybody will answer with a resounding yes. Technology has taken the world to levels people could only imagine. However, when it comes to your children and their growth, experts agree that technology should be limited. CBS news once reported a story where the tech-heavy city Palo Alto, California limits the use of technology for their kids so they can play and socialize more. One of the most influential people in the technology world, Steve Jobs also limits the use of iPad and iPhone for his children because they inhibit the kids’ cognition, creativity, and intelligence. That said, there is a plethora of games and apps that kids can use to learn and harness their skills as long as they are balanced with physical activity and a healthy social life.

Technology in schools

If you have a grade one child you know that every kid now is being handed a device to carry around in the name of learning. Any school that is worth something has made every effort to provide each kid with a tablet, laptop or iPad. Apart from the fact that the world is being digitized, digital content is cheaper and more convenient than books. But still, the question remains, is technology making these kids smarter?

How to make your kids smarter

There is really no secret to making kids smarter. While some kids may be intellectually smarter than others, old-school habits like hard work, discipline, and the right company are still the fundamentals of success. Parents can play their part to sharpen their kids’ minds by providing them with the right diet, exercise, music lessons, and a peaceful environment. Kids who also get enough sleep and read with their parents tend to be smarter in class.

Technology and wholesomeness

While most parents would like to have smart kids who will invent Facebook and Google, they would also want a child who is well-rounded. The downside of being a geek is that they focus so much on books, computers and other devices that they miss out on everything else in life. These are the same people who are bullied in school because they are weird and anti-social and find themselves single and living with their mother at 40.

While tech kids may look smarter as far as books and devices are concerned, the reality is that being smart involves balancing all the areas of life and not just one. Smart kids are therefore socially, emotionally and mentally intelligent

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