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South Florida Ultimate Super Bowl Party: Rent an Inflatable Bounce House

Ultimate Super Bowl Party Ideas for South Florida.

With football being everyone’s past time, it’s no wonder so many kids are requesting inflatable bounce houses and slides for their parties. But what about the adults?  Tailgating in your backyard might just become a yearly event at your house.  Why not make this year’s NFL party one that no one will forget?  Here’s what you’ll need to throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party. 

A must for the kids – Rent an inflatable bounce house or water-slide in South Florida to keeps the kids busy!! 

You have the bounce house for the kids..  now it’s time for some food.  Grill some briskets, burgers and have a hot dog roller on site as a backup and quick pick snack.  Don’t forget to serve up your brisket with a side of “Papa Beans.” To make Papa Beans use one can of Baked Beans, one can of Kidney Beans 1 Can of Butter Beans not drained but mixed with 1 lb. of ground beef that’s browned on the stove.  Salt and Pepper to taste, add one bottle of BBQ sauce any flavor and give it a hit of garlic powder.  Mix everything and leave in the crock pot till you serve dinner. Hot Dogs and Beans are a terrific Super Bowl meal served with your favorite beverage. For a cool way to keep your drinks cold, pick up a few plastic storage tubs from Walgreen’s or Walmart. 

Plastic tubs are great for storing cold beverages.  These tubs are waterproof, leak proof and can hold large quantities of bottles and cans.  You’ll want to have plenty of ice on hand to keep the drinks at the right temperature.  Need to rent  tables for your next party in Pompano Beach? 

Have plenty of snacks on around.  People love to munch during the game.  Don’t forget to include plenty of places for sitting.  Rent extra chairs for larger crowds. 

If you plan on doing raffles or buying, squares print these up ahead of time.  Most party supply sources have raffle tickets that can build more excitement. 

During half time, you can host a contest with your guest by having the Quarterback Challenge.  Your guests can compete against each other with their kicking and throwing skills. Watch them practice their favorite sport with the Field Goal Challenge Bounce house.

You can videotape the event and take a lot of pictures to share on Facebook or Instagram. 

With a little thoughtful planning, you’ll be the winner at the next Super Bowl Party.

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