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Reward your Employees with a Special Event

Smart business owners know the value of showing their appreciation to employees. It fosters a positive work environment while providing an important tool for fostering diversity and inclusion. Most employers settle for a group dinner out, a catered event in the office during work hours, or gift cards. To truly demonstrate appreciation for employee dedication and productivity, plan a special event that will live on in memory.

People that spend a lot of time working indoors appreciate the opportunity to enjoy outdoor time and fortunately, outdoor events can be held any time of the year in South Florida. If an indoor event is planned, it needs to be something that has a significant fun factor. The range of potential events is almost endless, from scavenger hunts and escape rooms to comedy club outings and made-to-order inflatable playgrounds for adults.

Special events boost employee morale and individuals that feel appreciated are more productive. Appreciation events are also an opportunity for companies to support other local businesses. One idea is to close up shop for the day and take employees on an epic adventure – and be sure to have a photographer on hand to record the event or rent a photo booth for the occasion.

Above all else, an employee recognition event must be fun. When planning an outdoor event, consider renting inflatables to create any combination of environments desired. Companies can arrange for games and activities for a carnival atmosphere or choose a range of electronic amusements and interactive games.

To beat the heat, there are a number of water slides and similar inflatables available to emulate a water park. For an exciting day of competitions, inflatables of life-size lawn games are available, along with obstacle courses and mechanical rides. The only problems companies will encounter when planning their employee appreciation event will be selecting a theme and choosing among the wide range of inflatables to include.

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