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Ultimate Outdoor Party Effects

Long gone are the days when a burst of confetti or a balloon drop was the epitome of special effects. Today’s party-goers want something different. There are multiple ways to elevate a party and set a mood with special effects machines and virtual rentals that are an affordable way to create a unique party atmosphere.

Bubble Machine

Kids aren’t the only ones that like bubbles. There’s something magical about a yard full of bubbles. There are machines that combine bubbles with colorful LED lights that are an excellent choice for nighttime parties. Individuals can also choose machines that produce fog bubbles and scents can be added for extra interest.

Fog Machine

There’s nothing like a fog machine to set the mood for a Halloween party. Fog machines are an equally fun way to add ambiance for a live band or dance party.

Snow Machine

Snow is something that rarely occurs in South Florida so it’s always a special treat. With a professional snow machine, individuals can create gently falling flurries or whip up a snowstorm with blizzard-like conditions. A snow machine is a great way to turn any outside party into a winter wonderland to amaze children and adults alike.

Virtual Rollercoaster

A virtual rollercoaster provides all the fun of a physical rollercoaster ride, right in the backyard. The simulator can reach virtual speeds of up to 90 mph, depending on the scenario, and individuals have 30 different scenarios from which to choose. Party-goers are instantly transported to rollercoaster landscapes ranging from those for children, cartoon land, sci-fi, action, adventure and horror for a unique audio-visual experience.

Disco Dome

Take a trip back in time when disco was king. An inflatable disco dome has sound activated lights and a built-in sound system, enabling dancers to connect to their own playlist or play music from a USB memory stick. It’s a great choice for adults or teens that want to dance the night away.

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