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Kid’s Party Themes for 2018

Party Decoration Ideas for Your Child’s Birthday

Last season we caught the party decoration trends and found characters like the Minions and inside tent sleepovers to sweep Coconut Creek area like wildfire. This year there’s been a change in the décor, but it’s just as cute as last year’s party ideas for child birthdays. If you’ve been struggling with a theme, we found it here and just in time for 2018!

Idea One: Rainbows seem to be popping up everywhere in the kid party section. Rather than pastels for the girls and bold primary colors for the boys, the rainbow party is appropriate for any gender. While we found this theme to entail a plethora of different ways to display this color scheme, we can tell you it’s a fun and inviting look no matter what festival or celebration. From party streamers to balloons you can give the appearance of an exciting event even if you’re on a budget. Don’t forget to include the favorite My Little Pony for the toddler ages or Olympics for the older children. There are endless possibilities with these color schematics where just about anything goes! While just about any of our inflatables will work for this theme, we do recommend the Candy Land attraction to be an excellent fit for the youngsters!

Idea Two: Panda Bears Are Everywhere! Scour the internet, and you’ll find just about every mommy blogger writing about Panda Bear Parties. Just about every party favor you can think of includes a cute panda bear on it, and the kids seem to love the idea! If you’re looking for a little fun with some photo opportunities, try face painting the kids to look like pandas and rent our photo booth to take some super cute pics! They’ll love the use of the photobooths and so will you as you’re not snapping thousands of images with your cell phone while managing the rest of the party!

Idea Three: Unicorns seem to be a trendy topic all around these days. The mystical horse with the horn on the head that can fly has been enchanting us for years. But, for 2018 this is a craze is getting a lot of attention. For young girls, unicorns make an excellent birthday décor. There are tons of creative ideas for everything from games to prizes. For instance, ring toss using a simple cone can be loads of fun, and almost any age loves the activity. No matter what you end up with the unicorn party theme is a hot one for 2018 where you can’t go wrong.

We hope these ideas add a little spark to your party planning or in this case some sparkle. Nonetheless, we’re here if you need any assistance with your child’s special day.

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