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4 Things Kids Love at a Party

Kids love parties and everyone wants their child’s party to be a memorable occasion. While kids love games, it’s not always the best option for very young children that don’t understand the concept of only the winners receive a prize. There are other ways to ensure everyone has a good time and the following are four things that every kid loves at a party.


South Florida is home to a variety of zoos and conservancies that hold educational sessions where youngsters can see wildlife and exotic animals up close, while remaining completely safe. There are also numerous companies and organizations that will bring a petting zoo of popular farm animals to homes. Always be sure to research private companies to ensure animals are treated humanely and ethically and appropriate safety precautions are observed.

Bounce House

An inflatable bounce house will keep youngsters so occupied they may not want to come out for ice cream and cake. While stand-alone bounce houses are available, they’ve also evolved. Bounce houses are offered for toddlers to those with light and sound systems appropriate for tweens. Some are also equipped with inflatable animals to play with and basketball hoops. There are models to match any interest or party theme.


Magic is universally mesmerizing and entertaining for all ages. It’s important to seek a magician that specializes in magic for the appropriate age group. The same slight-of-hand that will awe a five-year-old won’t necessarily find favor with a 12-year-old. It’s a good idea for individuals to look for videos of the magicians they’re considering, obtain a background check, and find out if they’re insured. Look for someone that has been in business for several years.


Kids love slides and water – put them together and it’s a winning combination. Best for older youngsters, there are water slides of varying heights and individuals can also choose 40 ft. monster water slides with one or two lanes for double the fun. The slides can be used as stand-alone amusements and for those with a home swimming pool, some can be set up to deposit guests directly into the pool.

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