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What to Expect When Renting a Large Waterslide

Waterslides are a great way to keep cool and the inflatables are one of the most popular rental amusements available. There are a number of services that should be included when renting a waterslide and individuals should never sign a rental contract unless all of those services, and costs, are specifically spelled out in writing.

Before Renting

Prior to renting any waterslide, give serious consideration to available space and the ages of the people that will be using it. Double-lane waterslides are particularly popular and some can deposit users in an in-ground pool. They’re available in a wide range of heights, an important consideration for younger groups and those that may have a fear of heights.


The date and time of the delivery should be clear and the individual delivering the waterslide should ensure the space it will occupy is located away from potential dangers such as trees, buildings, fences and electrical lines. He/she should also ensure that there’s adequate space to accommodate the slide. Many waterslides are 40 ft. tall.

Set Up

The person delivering the waterslide will need access to water to keep the slide lubricated and electricity for inflation. Stakes will be driven in the ground to secure the slide – be mindful of water pipes, underground utilities and irrigation systems. If any of those essentials present a problem, he/she shouldn’t perform the set up.


Everyone wants to have a safe time, as well as an enjoyable one. Safety should be the rental company’s number one priority. The waterslide should be in good condition, a generator provided for inflation purposes, and it should be wiped down to preserve hygiene.

Tear Down

At the end of the rental period, the company should have sent someone to promptly perform tear down and deflation tasks. The company’s team member(s) will be able to quickly and safely remove it.

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