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Popular Party Themes for Kids

A kid’s interest can seem to change from day-to-day and a themed party that brings elements of their favorite things to life is a surprise that any youngster loves. The following are some of the most popular themes for kids age 5-8. Parents can use their own judgement should their child have different interests.

A memorable and fun party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are dozens of dollar stores that have everything from disposable plates and balloons to banners and other types of decorations. It’s easy on the budget and even enables parents to send home a goody bag with the kids.

Amusement Park

There’s a wealth of age-appropriate inflatable amusements available to keep kids busy ranging from water slides to bounce houses, many of which feature themes ranging from fairy tales to race cars. Carnival type games encompass life-size board games and mazes to skee ball. In keeping with the amusement park theme, parents can rent cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone, and hot dog machines.

Let It Snow

The cold, white precipitation is a rarity in Florida and snow machines can be rented to transform a yard into a temporary winter wonderland. Add snowflakes, snowmen and similar decorations to round out the theme.

Bubble Blowout

Kids of all ages love bubbles and in addition to bottles so they can blow their own, consider renting a bubble machine. The kids can run through them and play make-believe to their heart’s content. Instead of a large birthday cake, think about cupcakes that are easier for little hands to handle.


Have the kids attend in their favorite superhero costume. There’s no shortage of superhero decorations, cake toppers, and craft ideas that kids can make at the party.


This is ideal for a late evening party. Kids are fascinated by anything that glows in the dark. Set the tone with glow-in-the-dark jewelry, glowsticks, swords and hanging decorations. Parents can purchase napkins, tablecloths and goody bags that glow in the dark, and there are even edible lollipops that glow.

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