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South Florida Winter is Perfect for your Outdoor Corporate Event

You don’t have to wait until the hot and humid days of summer to hold your corporate event. South Florida’s mild winter climate and temperatures are ideal for outdoor winter events. The winter months are also a great time to spread some cheer and enthusiasm during the early months of the year.

One of the advantages of holding your corporate event in Florida is obviously the mild weather. Florida is a popular getaway for anyone in northern states that want a break from the snow and South Florida is equally applicable for companies that want to reward staff with a relaxing interlude. The prospect of escaping the cold and coming to a warm climate is an incentive that will boost attendance.

Temperatures typically hover in the 70s from December through February. The state also offers a variety of amusements and recreational activities to enjoy when the business portion of the event are finished for the day. Attendees can golf to their heart’s content, go yachting, participate in a drive-through safari, or visit one of the many museums.

No matter what type of outdoor corporate event you’re planning, it will be easy to accommodate any need and any number of people. There are dozens of venues to conduct outdoor team-building events, hold an executive retreat, or launch a new product.

There’s no reason you can’t combine business and pleasure at your corporate event and it’s easy to do in South Florida. Even if the northern part of the state has less than optimal temperatures, South Florida will still be warm enough to conduct any corporate event outdoors in complete comfort.

There’s no shortage of luxury accommodations, transportation options, international travel hubs, and there’s a thriving nightlife for attendees to enjoy when the work is done. If you’re unsure where to hold your corporate event this year – wonder no longer. South Florida beckons.

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