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Beat the Heat with an Inflatable Water Slide

The turn of the seasons from summer to autumn doesn’t mean the end of hot, muggy weather in South Florida. With everyone looking for opportunities to beat the heat, one of the best ways is with an inflatable water slide. They’re available with multiple themes, come in sizes to accommodate little tykes to adults, and provide hours of watery fun.

Inflatable water slides are an economical way to have fun. The water is recycled so it’s easy on a family’s water bill and it uses far less water than a swimming pool. A water slide virtually screams family fun and the sounds of laughter from those using it will bring a smile of joy to anyone’s face.

Water slides that can be rented provide a bigger thrill than any that can be purchased at stores. Inflatable water slides are available in one and two-lane styles and of special interest is the Tropical Cyclone. The 30-ft. water slide is new and built exclusively for South Florida Bounce. It features two lanes of sliding fun, each at a different height, to accommodate smaller children and one for older youngsters and adults.

South Florida Bounce is also the home of the Typhoon, Twister, and Hurricane water slides, all of which feature an exhilarating 40-ft. drop. The Twister can be assembled without a curve for a crazy long ride of 110 ft.

A theme party is no problem with a water slide. They’re available in an extensive range of designs to capture anyone’s interest. For those that fancy pirates, the “Black Pearl” with a 32-foot drop empties into a pool for an added splash at the end of the pirate ship-themed water slide.

Superhero fans can beat the heat with The Hulk, a 36-ft. tall water slide with 100 feet of dual-lane sliding fun that deposits riders in a pool at the end. Captain America is 30 ft. tall and features two lanes. Also available is the Purple Rain water slide at 25 ft. tall and highlighted with a slip-n-slide and pool at the bottom. Any water slide selection provides an excellent way to beat the South Florida heat.

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