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What to Consider when Renting a Bounce House

Bounce houses are one of the most popular attractions for events ranging from backyard parties to business grand openings. They provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids, but there are a few things that everyone should consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for those that will use it.

Age Limits

Bounce houses and similar inflatables are best used by youngsters age 3-12 only for their own safety. Children younger than three will have trouble getting out on their own, while older kids will typically prefer other types of entertainments. There are also weight and height concerns to consider.


A written contract is a necessity. It spells out the pricing, pickup and drop-off times. Individuals should receive a copy of the contract prior to the delivery.

Inspection and Cleaning

Individuals should definitely inspect the bounce house for damage prior to signing when it’s delivered and set up. If there is a problem, the rental company should be notified, allowing them to come up with a solution. Signing without inspection means the individual is accepting it as-is and the company isn’t responsible.

It’s not unreasonable to ask the delivery person to wipe down the inside of the bounce house or to ask them if it’s been done. Good companies do this anyway, but it’s an excellent precaution to take.


Don’t assume that homeowner or business insurance will cover any expenses if damage or an injury occurs. Individuals may need additional coverage. Make sure the rental company also has insurance. Their coverage is for unforeseeable incidents. The individual renting the bounce house will need to sign a waiver releasing companies from liability if the bounce house isn’t used properly or children aren’t supervised.

Size Matters

Before renting a bounce house, have an accurate count on the number of children that may be using it. A bounce house that’s too small won’t allow everyone to have a turn or play freely. An inflatable structure that’s too large is a waste of space and money.


Youngsters should be under adult supervision at all times to ensure there’s not too any children in the bounce house at one time and that age groups are kept together. If inclement weather interferes, unplug all equipment and do not allow children to use it.

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