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Why Karaoke is so Popular

There are many reasons why karaoke is so popular and has become a staple at bars and even senior centers. Karaoke burst on the scene in the U.S. in the 1970s. Invented in Japan, it remains popular there, along with South Korea and the Philippines. Modern-day karaoke is a variation of “amateur night” activities that were popular from the 1930s to the 1980s when karaoke arrived.

Low Cost

It’s a cost-effective investment for businesses. While karaoke machines and lyric prompters can run thousands of dollars, there are also less expensive options that still provide the same amount of fun and participation.

Live Entertainment

Gone are the days when people were happy simply listening to a jukebox. People crave live entertainment.

Size Matters

In many venues, there’s insufficient space for a live band to set up and it’s expensive for the business owner. A karaoke machine takes up very little space, even with a small stage for singers.

Greater Acceptance

When karaoke first arrived in the U.S., it wasn’t viewed very kindly. As participation increased, so did its acceptance as a mainstream activity rather than a guilty pleasure.

Voice Work

More people are joining in the gig economy and doing voiceovers, covers of popular songs, and voices for everything from commercials to animated video. Karaoke gives people the opportunity to showcase their talent, make connections, and make money.

Singing Feels Good

Almost everyone likes to sing, from the youngest child to the oldest adult and it fosters a sense of community. Singing releases “feel good” endorphins and allows individuals to have the spotlight, if only for the length of a song.

Singing Opportunities

Just about everyone has dreamed of being “discovered” at one time or another. It’s a closely held fantasy by many. The advent of talent-based shows such as American Idol have been presenting opportunities for those with talent that first began singing karaoke.

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