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Rentals For All Ages

Sometimes, when planning for an event that involves different age groups, it can be quite a challenge identifying activities that will be fun for everyone. The best approach is to find something that appeals to a particular age of people, and then get the one activity that is acceptable and fun for all. This way, no one feels left out and everyone gets to have their own fun.

It can be a little frustrating finding all these things in one place. This is mostly because most rentals only stock activities that cater to one or two demographics at a time. At South Florida Bounce & Slide, however, we are as close as you will ever get to a one-stop shop for all your event rentals. We have rentals that cater to all ages and for a variety of activities as well. These include:

  1. Kid’s activities

We understand that activities that appeal to kids will not necessarily appeal to the other people at an event. We have different rentals that cater to kids all the way from toddlers to fourth graders. We have bounce houses and combo units that appeal to this demographic. The Candy Land Toddler bounce house is more popular with the younger children, while older kids will enjoy the Disco Dome Bounce House. The Disco Dome allows them to freely express themselves in tune with the latest music and flashing lights.

  1. Young adults

If your event is centered more towards young adults, you will definitely want to look at our ‘young adults’ catalog of rentals. We have a large variety of activities that would appeal to young adults including water slides, carnival games, obstacle courses, and other more exciting options as well. Activities such as Sumo wrestling in the Sumo Arena, competing in the Xtreme Sports Arena or trying to win something in the carnival games stand will appeal to this demographic.

  1. Adults

Adults are forgotten when planning events that incorporate different age groups. They are mostly left to fend for themselves. At South Florida Bounce, however, we have activities that cater for adult entertainment. They range from the adrenaline-paced games to laid-back options for those who do not wish to break a sweat. Whether they are flying in the bungee trampoline, climbing the 25-foot rock wall or playing a fun game of human hungry hippo, we have you covered. As if that is not enough, we have an action-packed game of total meltdown where you and 7 of your friends can test each other’s agility and reaction times.

  1. Universals

Even as everyone is having fun on their own, there are certain universal activities that everyone can enjoy. These include the Velcro wall which is loads of fun for everyone involved. Other fun all-rounders include the human foosball and the wipe-out, where you and can feel like the contestants on the TV show.

  1. Fun food machines

What is the point of having all this fun if no food is involved? We have different fun food stands including a cotton candy maker and a snow cone machine. Both come with 60 servings although you can add more. We also have popcorn makers and hotdog makers as well. For those who would like to have memories of their event preserved, we have photo booths as well.

Book your event rental and give everyone at your event a chance to have a memorable time.

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