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Must-Have Halloween Home Décor

For parties or just to set a mood, it’s fun to add Halloween décor to the home. From lights to serving dishes, individuals will find a wealth of options The following are some of the most popular for 2023.


The bony decorations are everywhere. Some are lighted, some aren’t. There will be frog skeletons peaking from behind potted plants and baby dragon skeletons. Choose skeletons of eels and snakes, flamingos, pigs and unicorns, along with crows both skeletal and feathered. Of special interest are a pair of skeletal wolves that stand 2.5 ft. tall. They have LED eyes and howl. They can be used indoors or outside.

Doorbell Eyeball

Greet visitors with a faux doorbell that’s a blinking eyeball. Get 2 and put them side-by-side so they blink independently of each other.

Medusa Bust

The statue contains a motion sensor that makes the eyes and mouth light up when activated. It also speaks phrases.

Magic Mirror

The motion activated mirror clears to reveal a creepy apparition inside. For indoor use only.

Binx the Cat

From the popular film, Hocus Pocus, the statue stands 11.75 x 9.84 inches tall.

Lighted Raven

The bird stands 14.5 in. tall and has light up eyes. The head swivels from side to side, it makes short sounds, and can be used indoors or outside.

Pumpkin Lamp

Add a touch of class to Halloween with a stained-glass pumpkin lamp.

Faux Pumpkins

If you don’t want the mess of hollowing out pumpkins, get artificial ones. Multiple colors are available in solid or jack-o-lantern styles equipped with a single LED bulb.

Thing Figurine

Straight from the Addams Family films, leave the disembodied hand in a conspicuous location.

Smoking Caldron

These caldrons emit smoke in blue and green colors.

Floating Candles

The set of candles can be attached virtually anywhere and gives the impression that they’re floating in the air. It will put everyone in mind of the Great Hall of Harry Potter fame and the lights have a remote.

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