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Hot Summer Reads

For book enthusiasts, summer is the best time to tear into a new book, or ten! In fact, during summer, with schools out and loads of time in your hands, it’s the perfect time to lounge by the pool with a drink and a new favorite read. We have compiled some of the hottest page turners for you this summer. From gripping fiction to nail-biting detective stories, there is something for every book enthusiast this summer.

“Sorority” by Genevieve Sly Crane

The title of the book gives away what the thread of the story is about. For undergrads and those who have just left college life, this page-turner is sure to take you back to the days of college sisterhood and all the drama surrounding it.

“The Mars Room” by Rachel Kushner

The acclaimed novelist Rachel Kushner is back with another novel. This novel is actually a follow-up of her previous release in 2016, “The Flamethrower”, a gripping read that was difficult to put down. Therefore, “The Mars Room”, which is the tale of a mother who has been handed a life sentence in prison, promises the same grit.

“Welcome to Lagos” by Chibundu Onuzo

African writers have become a force to reckon with on the international book scene, and Chibundu Onuzo has definitely caught our attention. This novel offers the reader an uninhibited look into life in Lagos through the uncanny narration of the lives of a rebel fighter, an army officer, a beautiful runaway and a teenage girl. This one promises to be a page-turner for sure.

“Bad Blood” by John Carreyrou

For those book enthusiasts who have the knack to put a book down only when it’s finished, this is a perfect read for you. Find out how a Silicon Valley start-up engineers a blood testing machine, whose work is legendary- if only it would work. A gripping tale about passion, frustration, and greed that is bound to make your summer reading all the more hotter.

“Some Trick” by Helen DeWitt

This collection of 13 short stories is a great read for the reader who prefers a lighter read. Helen DeWitt will take you on a humorous trip down the twistiest of rabbit holes while throwing in her unique brand of unpredictability as she goes. Tuck this one into your beach bag, it is worth your lazy afternoon nap.

“Goodbye, Sweet Girl” by Kelly Sundberg

A gripping and heart-wrenching true account about domestic violence and fury, the author bares her soul about her own marriage in this page-turner. Furthermore, this novel is an expanded of her earlier memoir, “It Will Look Like A Sunset”, a tale about her own husband and his bouts of vicious anger.

These are just some of the hot reads out for you this summer; we have barely scratched the surface. Look out for some more compelling and gripping reads in your bookstores and catch up on your reading fun. Can you imagine spending time in a beach chair with one of these hot reads, next to one of our hired waterslides? That is our specialty, call us today to hire any one of our massive and backyard sized waterslides.

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