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Hot Holiday Gifts for Kids

It can be difficult for parents to shop for the best gifts for their children. What holds a child’s attention today can easily turn into yesterday’s discarded toy.  School has been transitioned to online learning in many locales and one of the greatest gifts for kids are those that allow them to use their imagination and explore new concepts.

3-5 Years Old

Some tried and true toys for three and four-year-olds that enable kids to build, explore and imagine are LEGO® blocks, Lincoln Logs and K’NEX. There are dozens of toys and kits designed to introduce even this age group to STEM disciplines. Parents can select from a variety of kits that encourage the development of various STEM skills and they’re available in magnetic versions such as Magna-Tiles.

Board games are an excellent choice for the five-year-old. Children at this age are very social and board games encourage playtime with parents and siblings. The games also teach them how to follow rules, play fair, and how to win/lose graciously. Other popular options are sets that enable children to emulate their parents and role play. Non-motorized ride-on toys provide fun while developing motor skills.

6-9 Years Old

This age group can enjoy playing by themselves and creating their own narratives. There’s a variety of drawing tools for self-expression and options that encourage children to write their own stories. Books are always great gifts that enable children to explore new worlds and far away places. They’re especially welcome by those ages 8-9.

For kids that have access to a tablet or gaming system, there are dozens of age-appropriate games that will keep kids occupied for hours while stimulating their imaginations. Parents can also choose from a variety of robotic toys for youngsters. The toys move, speak and are programmed with their own personalities.

Judgement Call

These are just some of the options available for parents that want their child to learn, create, and develop their mental and motor skills. Parents know their children better than anyone and should use their own judgement when choosing holiday gifts for their children.

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