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Why Plan your Event Outdoors?


Many people automatically begin searching for an indoor venue when planning a special event, but there’s a lot to be said for holding a celebration outside. You can have all the amenities associated with an indoor event, including air-conditioned tents, to provide a respite from the heat and humidity. You can book a party planner or handle the details yourself.


Even though vaccines are now available, not everyone has been inoculated. Some guests are at greater risk if masks aren’t worn and social distancing is almost impossible with a large gathering. Outdoor events provide less potential for anyone to be unwittingly infected.


Outdoor events enable guests to take advantage of the sunlight for an effective boost in mood. Another advantage is that it provides natural lighting for the dozens of pictures that are always taken to commemorate a gathering.


An outdoor location will provide more space for people to mingle and if children are in attendance, it gives them space to play. Outdoor events are especially beneficial if you have a large family, an extensive guest list, or aren’t sure how many people will attend.

Beautiful Scenery

No matter how elaborately decorated, an indoor venue means guests are looking at four walls. Florida is resplendent with picturesque views and scenery that make ideal backdrops for photos and videos.


If children will be in attendance, it can be extremely difficult to find a suitable location that’s able to accommodate them. There are no such limitations for events held outside. Parks are especially popular as the facilities typically provide bathrooms, equipment for youngsters to play on, and some include grills for cookouts.

Reduced Costs

Planning any event can be expensive and an outdoor location is a cost-effective way to have a great time without a huge associated cost. There are a variety of free locations where gatherings can be held and some party planners offer outdoor spaces at reduced costs.

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