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What Superhero’s Can Teach You

Winter carnivals are always a wonderland of fun. Good times apply when you live in a place like South Florida. Since there’s so much to do for planning one of these events, we thought we’d call on a few superhero friends to help you out! “Wonder-Twin Powers Activate”!

Supergirl suggests hiring a face painter who can create beautiful snowflakes since she wouldn’t want your event to be bizarre. Many of her friends will enjoy looking at your designs with her little vision. Since Supergirl is super-fast, she points out to have an experienced face painter who does designs at lightning speed.

Next, you can create giant igloos using plastic milk jugs for an easy to tear down and set up activity. Just like Captain Marvel is versatile; winter carnival activities don’t have to be costly just wise. By using household items to create fun stations, you’ve got the wisdom of Solomon just like that! “Shazam”!

Your guests can climb the rock climbing wall just like Spiderman without spinning the web. The visitors at this winter carnival won’t have time to get cold while using their superhuman powers to reach the top. Good times along with an excellent way to build skill with the 25’ high rock wall, perfect for any winter party.

The Hulk is sure to enjoy testing his strength and skills while adrenaline fills his veins in our Meltdown interactive carnival attraction. Mini-Hulk’s can enjoy hours of activity while they take on the Marvel Universe with their friends.

Both Batman and Robin are eager to slide into the bat cave with the dual lane skyscraper that’s 25 feet high and perfect for winter parties since this is a dry slide.

Of course, we know how hungry superheroes become bouncing around and playing interactive sports, and we have a solution. With a little “BAM” and a “Splat,” we’ve got the fun food supplies that are perfect for your event.

With a little help from the adventurers at South Florida Bounce, we can help you look like Wonder Woman or Captain America planning your next event., even if it’s a winter carnival in Florida.

Contact us today for more information on party supplies, including bounce houses and waterslides.

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