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Great US Ski Resorts for Families

Taking a ski trip with the family is a great way to reconnect in the great outdoors, as well as take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.  A great ski resort will offer everything you need for every member of your family to have the most awesome vacation ever.  From toddler ski school through to black run and moguls, skiers of all ages and abilities will have enough going on to keep you all entertained all week long.

There are many, many ski resorts running the length and breadth of the country.  But, as a company that specializes in bringing the fun whatever the weather, here are four of the finest ski resorts in the country:

Keystone, Colorado

Often found sitting proudly at the top of all the ‘Best Family Ski Resort’ lists, Keystone has really thought about what makes taking the kids on a ski trip difficult and pretty much solved it. For example, trying to get the kids and all their gear from your room to the slopes, whilst carrying all your own stuff as well, can be a real slog. At Keystone, they’ve aced this by having loads of free ‘gear buggies’ everywhere. They’re mainly stashed near the (free!) car park. You just dump your gear, the kids’ gear and possibly the kids themselves into the buggy and pull it along behind you until you get to where you’re going. These problem-solving little vehicles are all over the park, so you don’t need to keep an eye on yours, just grab another one when you’re done later on.

The skiing is absolutely superb throughout the region and you and yours can enjoy gracing the slopes of Dercum Mountain, North Peak, the Outback and five Bowls offering skiing to suit all levels.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek has an innovative way of keeping the kids warm as they master the nursery slopes. The Buckaroo Express, a dedicated gondola for the little ones, keeps them warm as they build up their skill levels and get to grips with the basics. Oh, and they give out free chocolate chip cookies at the end of the day to everyone, kids and grown-ups alike!

The many varied runs and beautiful Bowls offer ample opportunity for you and your little ones to improve their skills while enjoying some of the most beautiful winter scenery in the world.

Park City, Utah

Among the many benefits of Park City’s resort is its proximity to Salt Lake City’s airport. It’s just a short 35-minute drive from the terminal to resort, meaning your little cherubs won’t drive you crazy on that usually lingering last leg of the trip. It also means, if you have an evening flight, you can squeeze one last run in on the last day of your vacation.

They also happen to have an excellent ski school at Park City, with virtually no lines to wait in, as you check in on the snow and go straight from room to powder, which ought to satisfy the younger members of your troop.

Telluride, Colorado

Ask any skiing parent and they’ll tell you one of the hardest things about a ski vacation is getting the kids away from the breakfast table and out onto the snow. At Telluride, nearly all of the runs end up in the resort of the town, making it easy to get lodging with a ski-in, ski-out set-up. Your little adventurers can enjoy that very last pancake before stepping (or skiing) right out onto the powder!

There are also lots of great walks and a fascinating town to visit, all connected by gondola, making Telluride a beautiful and awesome family ski center.

Family Fun from South Florida Bounce

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