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Great Fall things to do with Family

South Florida is the only region within mainland USA that has a tropical climate. The summers are extremely hot and humid while the fall season is milder in terms of temperature and humidity levels. The South Florida fall offers the best opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities without the punishing south Florida summer sun and humidity. If you, and your family, will be in South Florida during the fall season, there are numerous fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. They include:

Having a family cookout

Family cookouts are an affordable way for the whole family to enjoy the awesome South Florida autumn. Cookouts also offer a lot of flexibility depending on your budget and family size. Miami and other areas within South Florida have numerous public parks where you can set up a grill and let your family have fun. If you have a larger family and are working with a more permissive budget, you can make your cookout more memorable by introducing activities such as face painting, bouncing castles, water slides, carnival games, obstacle courses, board games, etc. The lower humidity also allows for more physically-exerting activities such as bike riding, rock climbing, soccer, and much more.

Have an Everglades airboat adventure  

The Everglades in South Florida offers one of the most unique ecosystems in Mainland America. The Everglades national park is abundant in wildlife having been maintained pristinely by the US National Park Service. The highlight of visiting the Everglades is enjoying the airboat adventure that takes you, and your family, through the Everglades wetlands. There you will see birds, alligators, crocodiles, and snakes. You can also hike through the jungle trail and view the numerous exhibits within the park. An excursion to the Everglades has enough fun activities for a full day trip and it also offers an educational experience at affordable prices.

Enjoy a Family beach day

South Florida has some of the most stunning beaches in North America. The temperate warmth of the South Florida autumn offers the best conditions to enjoy a beach day. Beach days, much like cookouts, offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the activities that you can enjoy. If you are working with a tight budget, you can still have fun on the beach by enjoying some free swimming. The kids can also play on the sand as they build sand castles. With more of a budget, you can enjoy boat rides, sailing, snorkeling, and other fun water activities that are abundant on South Florida beaches.

Visit Zoo Miami

South Florida, and especially Miami, has numerous attractions that are designed to cater to children. Zoo Miami is one of the best zoos in terms of animal diversity. With over 500 species of flora and fauna represented and hundreds of educational exhibits, Zoo Miami is one of the most child-friendly attractions in South Florida. The Miami Children’s Museum offers an attractive option for rainy days when you cannot engage in outdoor activities. The museum’s exhibits and content are designed to engage and educate children, which makes it an awesome location for a fun family day out.

Regardless of your budget, South Florida has numerous options for you and your family to enjoy during the fall season.

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