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Why Visit a Farm Market

South Florida is a hotspot for those seeking farm fresh foods and there are multiple locations from which to choose. What many don’t now is that farm markets provide far more than a place to purchase healthy and delicious fruits and veggies. Cash is always accepted and many farmers and vendors also accept credit and debit cards, along with SNAP benefits.

Farm to Table

Fruits and vegetables don’t get any fresher than those at a farm market. The produce is grown locally and doesn’t spend days in transport to distant locations before its sold. That farm to table approach means shoppers enjoy more flavorful produce.

Support Small Family Farms

Much of the produce, herbs and spices found at farm markets is grown on small family farms. That often results in a greater diversity of products available. Supermarkets often order a specific amount of certain fruits or vegetables and when it sells out, shoppers are out of luck. Small family farms often have a greater supply for a longer period of time than supermarkets.

Flowers to Dog Treats

Individuals will find far more than fruits and vegetables at a farm market. The marketplaces are open to a wide variety of vendors and individuals seeking to share their hobby projects, launch a home business, or establish their brands. Depending on the location, shoppers will find jelly, jam, preserves and fresh honey. There’s home-baked breads, pies and desserts.

An extensive number of independent creators of arts and crafts also sell at farm markets. Products range from hand-made jewelry, soap, cards and candles to wood crafts, pottery, baskets, and dog treats. Shoppers can find the perfect flower bouquet, garden and houseplants, salsa and items that are sewn, crocheted and knitted.

Empowering Knowledge

Farmers are always willing to talk about their produce. Shoppers can learn a great deal about how their fruits and vegetables are grown, harvested and packaged.

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