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Fall Carnival Party Rentals

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The changing of the seasons is often the inspiration for a fall carnival to mark the end of summer and the transition to autumn. Midway games are one of the most popular activities at carnivals and with enough space, any individual, business or organization can create a fall carnival.


No carnival would be complete without a selection of games. People can choose from the classic ring toss, milk bottle knock down, and bean bag toss. There’s also the frog fling, and the perennial favorites of skee-ball, wack-a-mole, and Velcro axe throw. Don’t forget the ring-the-bell strong man challenge for kids. Sports fans can try their hand at the basketball throw or test their baseball throwing arm at the radar gun speed test.


The popularity of inflatables has continued to increase at professionally operated carnivals and they’re available as rentals. There are multiple models from which to choose, with dry slides being a favorite. Another option is Jacob’s Ladder that challenges people to climb a rope ladder to the top of an inflatable. Don’t forget an inflatable corn maze.


Brightly-colored booths can be rented to conduct any number of activities from a shooting gallery and tip-the-can to tic-tac-toe and Velcro bull’s-eye games. They’re an ideal way to keep game operators cool.

Dunk Tank and Cash Cubes

There are few people that can resist the allure of a dunk tank or cash cube. Dunk tanks are even better if local celebrities or officials agree to be dunked. Portable dunk tanks are collapsible and are always a favorite. No one can resist the opportunity to catch a few dollars with a cash cube.

Bungee Trampoline

For those that want the thrill of extreme sports without the risk, a bungee trampoline is ideal. The devices can accommodate up to 5 individuals. The harness and rope systems enable people to jump higher and perform maneuvers that wouldn’t be possible on an ordinary trampoline.

Kiddie Activities

Younger children can get in on the fun with inflatable bounce houses and toddler playlands that enable them to participate in multiple age-appropriate activities. Trackless trains provide fun travel throughout the carnival or as a stand-alone ride.

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