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Pool Safety Devices for Toddlers

Children of all ages are drawn to water, but have no concept of the danger that it presents. Swimming pools are a way of life for many families and the youngest populations are at the biggest risk for drowning. Death by drowning is the top cause of death for youngsters ages 1 to 4. According to the Florida Dept. of Children and Families, a record number of children drowned in 2021.

The state requires any pool built after 2000 to have pool barriers or a fence around it that meets certain specifications. However, multiple layers of protection are recommended. Whenever a child will be near a pool, safety devices should be employed. Don’t rely on floaties and never leave a child unsupervised, even near a wading pool. Parents and caregiver should know there are a variety of pool safety devices specifically for young children.

Alarm Kit

The kit contains a wristband that’s placed on the child. When it comes in contact with water, an alarm is triggered at the base system. The devices are reusable and there are multiple brands from which to choose. Many pets also drown each year when they can’t escape from a pool and some of the kits come with adapters for use with pets.

Immersion Alarm

Above ground pools present as much risk to children as an inground pool. An immersion alarm is designed with a motion sensor that detects movement within the water. They emit a loud siren, many are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, and have adjustable sensitivity levels.

Pool Cover

When properly installed, safety pool covers for in-ground pools are designed to prevent children from entering the water. Pool covers aren’t designed for children to walk on. However, they can keep children out of the water until an adult can reach them. Be sure to select a heavy-duty model.

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