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An Indoor or Outdoor Event? Things to Consider

There are many of the same concerns and details connected with an event whether it’s held indoors or outside. However, there are some major differences of which every host needs to be aware. The primary concern will be the comfort of guests, enabling them to enjoy themselves.

Budgetary Concerns

There’s a myriad of outdoor options that are free to use and they may even contain grills for a BBQ and playground equipment to entertain children. Be sure there’s ample shade, a canopy or tent for a respite from the heat and humidity. For those that will be renting a hall or other building for indoor festivities, it’s essential that hosts know exactly how much they have to spend. Indoor venues can be expensive.

Capacity Limits

Know how many will be in attendance and make sure the venue is up to the task in terms of space and seating ability. Keep in mind that there are often guests that won’t RSVP, but will show up anyway. Never rent a space sight unseen. Take the time to actually view the venue for space, functionality, cleanliness, and sufficient bathroom facilities. Amenities can be more of a problem at a free outdoor venue so choose carefully.


Older individuals may be content to sit and talk, while younger attendees won’t be so easily pleased. An outdoor venue allows for a greater range of potential activities, but bear in mind that permits may be required. An indoor event is limited in the array of amusements that can take place.


There’s no controlling the weather and outdoor events are at the whims of Mother Nature. Rain, wind and lightning will have guests scrambling for their cars since the majority of outdoor events won’t provide any type of shelter unless the host rents tents or canopies. An indoor event eliminates those problems and will be air-conditioned.

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