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Outdoor Event Spaces Must-Haves

An outdoor event provides an affordable alternative to pricy venues. However, there are some essential amenities that the outdoor space must have and the South Florida climate also presents some challenges that will require solutions.

Permits and Insurance

At least one permit will be required, and possibly more, depending on the location, number of people that will attend, or if roadways will be affected by the volume of traffic. The permit is especially important when food or beverages will be available.

Liability insurance provides protection should someone be injured during the event and is typically a requirement by municipalities for before issuing a permit. Individuals will have to secure the use of the property before applying for any permit and there may be time limits on when the application must be submitted.


Whether its restroom facilities in a park or portable toilets, they’re critical. When portable toilets are used, they need to be strategically placed and in sufficient numbers that long lines and waits don’t occur.

Pest Control & Sanitation

No one can enjoy activities if they’re constantly being bothered by insects. The pests also have the potential to spread disease. Have a professional treat the area prior to the event. Be sure plenty of trash receptacles are placed strategically throughout the grounds and plenty of help is available to assist with clean-up and other details. Consider contracting with a professional trash service for trash receptacles and removal of trash.


Whether it’s prepared meals or traditional carnival fare such as hot dogs, burgers and popcorn, people want to eat. They’ll also expect water and soda. That’s where professional vendors are invaluable.

Running Water

People need a source of clean running water for spills and other situations. It provides a source of fresh water for people if bottled water isn’t available and for service dogs.


Any event will require access to electricity whether its held day or night. It’s critical for safety lighting, entertainment and food vendors. Keep a well-stocked emergency kit on hand.

Phone Access

Most people have cell phones and it’s a mistake to plan an event where service is unavailable or sketchy. Attendees won’t be happy and it may be needed in the event of an emergency.

Tents and Canopies

Tents and canopies provide shade from the sun or an unexpected rain shower. Seriously consider at least one air-conditioned tent, especially for infants and the elderly where they can cool off.

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