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How do Bounce Houses Inflate?

Anyone that considers renting a bounce house must ensure access to electricity is available. There’s no way that home air pumps will generate the air required to sufficiently inflate a bounce house. High-powered, 5500-watt gas-operated generators, complete with a full tank of gas, are available to rent that have the needed strength to inflate all the cracks and crannies of a bounce house.

Essentially, a bounce house blower is a big fan that injects air into the bounce house through an air tube attached to the inflatable. Generators are either electrical or gas operated and are left running while children are using the entertainment. There are vents built into the inflatable to allow for the escape of air as children jump and bounce. A small amount of air will also be evacuated through the inflatable’s seams – even a brand-new bounce house.

Some people worry about over inflation, viewing a bounce house as little more than an oversize balloon, but it’s virtually impossible to overinflate a bounce house. Renting a generator from the same company as the inflatable ensures individuals have the right size generator for the job. The bounce house will inflate quicker and ensure firmness for optimal operation.

Once the bounce house has been inflated sufficiently, an adult will need to be on dedicated duty at the inflatable at all times. The individual will be responsible for enforcing safety rules. Users will need to remove their shoes before entering the bounce house and the adult will need to ensure too many children aren’t in the inflatable at the same time.

It’s important that children of approximately the same weight be grouped together to avoid inequities of force when youngsters jump. The adult will also be responsible for ensuring that no sharp objects enter the entertainment that could potentially puncture the bounce house. Never let children under the age of 6 use a bounce house as they lack the motor skills and balance required to be safe.

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