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Obstacle Courses Combine Challenge and Fun

Inflatable obstacle courses have become one of the most popular amusements for activities ranging from school fundraisers and corporate events to backyard home parties. They offer participants an experience that’s fun, challenging, and different elements can be combined to form unique opportunities. Individuals can choose from multiple themes to accommodate any interest.

Obstacle courses provide individuals with the opportunity to test themselves against others and awaken a sense of childlike wonder and fun. They’re a much more enjoyable way to get a good workout than going to the gym and enable participants to exercise their mental abilities as they approach each challenge. Some of the options include the following, in no particular order.

Corn Maze

Navigating a corn maze is more difficult than one might think. The maze measures 40x40x12 feet high, incorporates dead ends, and can accommodate multiple players at the same time.

Escape from Alcatraz

The side-by-side obstacle course will have competitors jumping over pipes climbing walls, crawling through tunnels and sliding to freedom.

K2 Cliffhanger

It’s one of the most challenging obstacle courses featuring multiple hurdles to overcome, including a 33-foot rock climbing wall.

Military Challenge

Participants can jump, crawl and climb their way to victory during multiple activities sure to test the fortitude of anyone.

Radical Run

The 90-foot long course features a 25-foot tall slide and activities that incorporate running, jumping, sliding and climbing.

Spartan Challenge

The obstacle course can be configured in over 15 different ways, ensuring that no two courses are ever the same. Players encounter pop-ups, tunnels, rock climbing, log jams, and a 32-foot long slide to the finish.

Adventure for Every Age

Obstacle courses have long been a favorite of teens, tweens and adults, but younger children love them, too. Inflatable obstacle courses offer fun, age appropriate activities that also teach youngsters valuable skills.

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