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Back to School Party Ideas!

Students have returned to school and the hectic lead up to the first day of school has subsided. New classes, teachers and friends can be duly celebrated with a back-to-school party. There are numerous ways to celebrate and themes that can be utilized to provide a fun time for students.


Depending on the available space, individuals can rent waterslides, carnival games, mechanical rides and virtual reality experiences, along with sports arenas and obstacle courses. To make food easy and simple, there are also fun food machines that can be rented.

Scavenger Hunt

There’s something about a scavenger hunt that intrigues people of all ages. In keeping with a back-to-school theme, children can be set the task of finding fun school-related items or things in nature for a science-based theme. Be sure to supply some fun prizes for everyone.

Photo Booth

A photo booth can easily be rented and individuals will supply the items that youngsters can combine in any way they desire for their fun, silly photos. Be creative and include Halloween costumes and items from other holidays, oversized sunglasses, fun hats and accessories. Many of the items can be found at dollar stores.

Ice Cream & Smoothie Bar

Create an ice cream or smoothie bar with lots of fruits and toppings. It’s a great way for youngsters of any age to stay cool with healthy treats. Add some music and let the fun begin.


Individuals have a lot of latitude when planning parties with balloons. They can host a water balloon bash. For a nighttime party, there are glow in the dark balloons and those that shine under a black light. Hold a balloon bust party where students step on balloons to break them for prizes. Balloons are available in an array of shapes and colors.

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