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Finding Kid Friendly Music

Explicit references, objectionable language, and undesirable slang can be found everywhere in today’s music. It can be exceedingly difficult for parents to locate tunes that are age-appropriate, align with their values, and still remain fun for kids. The good news is that there are dozens of streaming sites and those that enable downloading that feature parent-approved music for youngsters of all ages. Some of those include the following, in no particular order.

Apple Music

No list would be complete without Apple Music. Multiple kid stations and genres are available, but parents might need to navigate the site themselves as it can be overwhelming for some. Mobile users can download songs to play offline. A free three-month trial is offered and a subscription costs $9.99 per month.


The cost is free, though it has a slightly smaller library than some others. It has one ad per day, unlimited skipping, and parents can ban songs so they never come up accidentally. Individuals can rate songs and add artists to customize their station.

NPR Music

The service features modern pop and Top 40s tunes 24/7 on its “Classics for Kids.” Parents can also lookup reviews, though that content is sometimes a little more difficult to find. It’s free to use.


One of the best known, it offers a free 24-hour trial, $4.99 subscription plan, or free access with ads. Pandora has a family-friendly filter for the app and web edition to eliminate unwanted content.

Radio Disney

The service is free and offers a kids version of the Top 40s. Songs are performed by actors and actresses youngsters will recognize from the Disney Channel. The service also features unknown or little known teens with amazing voices.


Known the world over, Spotify is said to have the largest library. Selections can be chosen by genre, playlist or mood. Lyrics aren’t filtered on the site, though “clean” versions are offered. Parents will need to manually select the clean versions. It’s free with ads and a membership is required to play on-demand or offline.

YouTube Kids

Accessible via web or app, it’s free to use. Parents will find original songs, classic tunes, and even videos to keep youngsters occupied. Kids App caters to young listeners and is searchable by a variety of criteria.

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