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Top 5 Bounce House Safety Rules

Inflatable bounce houses are one of the most popular entertainments for children 12 and under. People rent them for home use to celebrate birthdays and similar events. They’re also utilized by schools, churches and non-profit organizations for fundraising events. Before renting a bounce house, individuals should be aware of the top 5 bounce house safety rules

Safe Ages

No one age 6 or under should be allowed to use a bounce house. Children within that age group don’t have the motor skills required to right themselves when they fall and are unable to maintain their balance.


There are some specific safety precautions that must be observed when setting up a bounce house. It must rest on flat, solid ground free of rocks, sticks and other forms of debris. It should be set back away from fences, outbuildings, trees, sprinkler heads, and overhead power lines. A soft surface should be provided around the entrance for an extra level of safety.

Anchors and Weather

Anchors are used to keep bounce houses in place while they’re being used. Where the anchors will be placed should be far away from underground utility lines. Never use a bounce house when its raining. If a breeze comes up that’s strong enough to blow dust around, immediately discontinue use of the inflatable.

Laws and Insurance

There are no national guidelines governing the set up of a bounce house. Check to make sure that the homeowner’s policy provides coverage for bounce houses if a person is injured. Even if the bounce house rental company is insured, their policy may not provide coverage for injuries.


Rental companies may or may not provide experienced staff to manage the inflatable and supervise children. The best solution is for a professional from the company to perform those tasks. If no staff member is provided, it’s essential that a responsible adult is on duty at all times to supervise youngsters.

It will be the adult’s responsibility to ensure children leave sharp objects outside before entering and they take off their shoes. They’ll also need to limit the number of users at one time to ensure that children of the same weight are grouped together to aid in reducing the risk of injury.

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