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DIY Garden with Kids

It’s easy to instill a love of gardening and nature in children with DIY projects. They’re easy to implement, require very little equipment, and can teach the value of recycling. Whether parents choose to grow plants or provide food for wildlife, there are dozens of DIY garden projects that provide extraordinary bonding opportunities.

Bird Feeders

A simple box of plain Cheerios and a ribbon strung with the cereal can be a welcome treat for birds.

Butterfly Feeder

Take a clean, used pie tin and transition it into a butterfly feeder. After the string has been threaded through to hold the pan level, decorate the strings with beads before tying it at the top and hanging. Place small pieces of oranges in the pan to attract the butterflies. If a commercially prepared mixture is used, only put in enough to barely cover the bottom of the pie pan.

Fairy Garden

A small plastic tray with drainage holes, a layer of potting soil or compost, and small succulents or moss enables children to exercise their imaginations. Small accessories such as a house, twigs, rocks for walkways, and mini clip-on butterflies complete the magic.

Hanging Planters

A large water, juice or milk container makes an excellent upside down planter for a wide variety of plants. Leave the cap on and cut out the bottom. Thread some garden string or wire through the bottom by which to hang it and add seeds or a favorite plant.

Morning Glory Pyramid

This will require 8-10 bamboo poles approximately 6-10 feet in length. Assemble the poles in a pyramid shape, tying them together at the top. Tie gardening string around the outer pyramid all the way to the top and plant seeds at the bottom. As the plants grow, they’ll climb and cover the pyramid to make a fun fort. The pyramid works equally well with pole beans and small gourds.


An old fish tank or even clear glass bottles and jars offer opportunities. Place gravel in the bottom, followed by a layer of potting soil or compost. Choose the plants to include and arrange as desired. Add a little water and another small layer of gravel to complete the terrarium. Place in a location that provides the appropriate amount of light for the chosen plants.

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