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Unique Party Ideas for the South Florida Region

If you live in a place such as South Florida, you already understand our seasons are a bit different than the rest of the country. Because the heat is sometimes unbearable between the months of June to September, parents and party planners should get creative when it comes to party ideas. In this week’s blog, we share a few unique party ideas that will help beat the heat while still entertaining the guests.  As always you could add a bounce house or water slide to keep everyone occupied!

Cooling Towels are Superb Hand-Outs at any SoFlo Party

Cooling Towels are an excellent way to break up the heat and keep your guests comfortable. While many people may not even think of using a cooling towel during hot days, it’s certainly a great alternative to hanging out indoors. If you visit Amazon, you can buy these in bulk and get a discounted rate. Another aspect is they come in fun colors and designs making them the perfect accessory to pass out to your attendees.

Stay Hydrated with DIY Flavorful Waters

Next, stay hydrated with flavored waters. Visit Pinterest and experiment with some delicious DIY recipes to help quench everyone’s thirst. For extra cold drinks that won’t become too warm, too fast, freeze some of your creations in ice-cube trays for an additional burst of flavor. You can purchase spigot containers at places like Walmart on the cheap and have a variety of beverages to choose from that are also beautifully displayed.

Icy Cold-Water Balloons are a Real Splash!

Other than cooling towels and drinking water, why not host a pool party? This is the best time of the year for one of these shin-digs, and they take very little to plan. Be sure to invite neighbors and anyone who might want to be included in these fun events. While this isn’t necessarily unique, you can make it that way by the activities you include. Entertainment such as hula dancers might just heat things up too much? But, tossing around some water balloons filled with ice water and left in a child’s swimming pool full of ice, is a social and cooling solution.

No Party is Complete Without a Waterslide

Besides a chill pool party, another proven method to circulate some awesome fun in the hot Florida sun is by renting one of our great and refreshing waterslides. Your kids will never be disappointed during a family gathering, school or church event if you present one of these impressive attractions. If you want to keep things rolling without the complaints, this is an excellent solution.

Contact us directly to learn more about the inflatables and attractions for your celebration. In the meantime, stay cool!

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