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Ways to Help Your Child Gain Confidence

You want your child to mature into a confident adult and to do that, you have to begin helping them gain confidence as children. There are numerous ways that you can help your child build confidence by utilizing research-based strategies and you can even make it fun.

Ask for Advice

Adults like to be asked for their opinion and children blossom when they think you value their ideas. Ask for their advice in regard to age-appropriate situations.

Give Them Tasks

Giving a child age-appropriate jobs and responsibilities teaches them that they can do things on their own. It can be helpful to call new activities “special” to encourage them to try new things.

Let Them Fail

As long as their physical, mental or emotional health isn’t at risk, it’s imperative that children be allowed to try something even if they fail. That’s how children and even adults learn, overcome and innovate.

Spend Time Together

Just being in the same house isn’t the same as spending quality time with your child. Take time to play together, eat a meal, go for walks, and engage in other activities that demonstrate you like to be with them and enjoy their company. It can also be helpful if you have more than one child to set aside a specific time alone with each child without a sibling present.

Stay Positive

Shaming and criticizing children makes them afraid to try for fear of your reaction. It makes them less confident and they turn inward. It’s also important that children not hear adults denigrate themselves, their abilities, or others.

Unconditional Love

Children that know they’re loved even when they make poor decisions or mistakes have the confidence to try new things. Praise them right away on the effort they put forth rather than the outcome and be specific so they learn to be proud of their accomplishments.

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