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Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Holiday Party Entertainment

Parties are standard fare during the holidays. Individuals will receive numerous party invitations and hosts will want their event to be one that’s remembered long into the new year. Entertainment is a key ingredient to keep guests engaged, but that doesn’t mean expensive bands or acts.

For individuals planning a holiday party to be held at home, there are options for a variety of budgets and interests. Don’t forget to rent a photo booth to record all the fun. The images make great souvenirs.

Secret Santa

There are multiple variations of this. In one version, each guest brings an anonymous wrapped gift and each person takes turns choosing one from the pile. Some choose to host a Secret Santa with gag gifts, white elephant gifts, or a Yankee Swap in which each person has the opportunity to swap their gift with the person that went before them. Set a price limit for the gifts and one that’s comfortable for everyone.

Scavenger Hunt

The host buys a gift for each guest and hides them before the party. Guests then hunt until they find a gift. When everyone has a gift, it’s time to open them for a fun surprise.

Candy Cane Hide-and-Seek

Hide candy canes and let people seek. The person collecting the most will receive a special prize.

Gift Swap

This entertainment can be conducted with everyone bringing cookies made with their favorite recipe. Alternatives include a mug swap where everyone brings in an anonymously wrapped mug as a gift.


A karaoke-based holiday party enables everyone to be a star and guests to enjoy their favorite holiday music. People can sing alone, as a duo, or form groups.

Pajama Party

Fancy party clothes can be fun, but what about adult comfort? All guests need is a set of pajamas for a fun and relaxing party where everyone is comfortable.

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