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Planning Your 2017 Summer in South Florida

Ask anyone living in South Florida what their plans are for the summer and the most obvious answer would be “we’re heading to the beach.” While that may seem like the most common activity in these parts, South Florida is notorious for their parks, wildlife preserves, and lake fishing. However, there are so many more activities that your summer will be jammed packed without an ounce of boredom setting in for you or your kids!

First, check out the community parks and recreation centers for FREE summer concerts. Not one city in Palm Beach to Broward County is without a full line-up of live music. Jazz or rock out to some of the most gifted musicians in all the Sunshine State.

Next, summer in South Florida is from June to September. These warm and breezy months are when you need to plan your events such as Memorial Day, the Fourth Of July, and Labor Day. These months also include graduation parties, End of School celebrations and more. With all these months, and select dates outlined it helps you to keep a great calendar giving you lots of reminders of these types of events.

In addition to the many dates, don’t forget to check out the local indoor parks and movie theaters that are a sure way to bust up the monotony. Miami’s Seaquarium, the Miami Zoo, and the Science Museums are excellent ways to have fun during the summer break.

If you like animals and wildlife, spend a day at the Butterfly Museum in Coconut Creek. This venue is an excellent choice for people who are photography enthusiasts as well as have a love for tiny creatures. Let’s keep going!

Don’t forget to check out Marlin’s game while you’re looking for things for the whole family. Even if you’re on a budget, the there’s plenty of fan support with promotions such as Monday Burgers for only .25 cents! Marlin’s Park is a beautiful venue, and the activity is just right for every age group.

Sports clinics, summer camps, and learning Expos also offer a little boost to keep your family’s schedule full. Don’t forget to contact us for a day of wild adventure by booking one of our obstacle courses.

With a little creativity, you can be well on your way to having a complete summer that will be chock full of all your memories.

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