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How Volunteering can Help Build Character

Every parent wants to help their child build character and one of the ways to accomplish that is through volunteering. There are opportunities to volunteer throughout the year and the holiday season is an especially needful time.

Anyone with a toddler is familiar with how they think and approach their personal goals. They want it, they want it now, and they have little – if any – regard for the boundaries, feelings, or consequences to others. Volunteering teaches temperance, restraint, and value for other living beings.

Depending upon their age, youngsters can participate in events that raise money for charitable organizations or donate to food pantries. They can collect essential items for the homeless, donate toys for those less fortunate, and help clean up at local parks. Even small acts help youngsters learn and embrace qualities of empathy, compassion and tolerance. Volunteering teaches gratitude, social responsibility, and makes you feel good.

Even toddlers can begin learning the character-building traits that come with service to others and it provides valuable bonding time with your child. Volunteering helps connect people with humanity at large and it aids in developing confidence since the experiences take people out of their comfort zones. People that volunteer develop a unique perspective and are often innovators as adults.

Individuals that volunteer learn humility, leadership, teamwork, and a sense of fairness. They learn to advocate for social justice and have a greater sense of community. Children learn a sense of gratitude that they carry with them throughout their lifetimes and tend to be happier and better adjusted in their personal and professional endeavors.

There’s a myriad of volunteering opportunities in which children can participate that aligns with their personal interests. It’s best to begin with activities in which they’re interested and as they develop pride in their efforts, they may turn to other organizations where they see assistance is needed. The important thing is that you’ve spent valuable time bonding with your child, developed their character, and taught them lessons that will help them throughout their life.

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