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Creating Great Childhood Memories with these South Florida Bounce Ideas

While we all like to take a walk down memory lane, today’s families seem to be striving for the time, more than creating a lifetime of family history that will never fade. Since we are all struggling with the day to day operations of life, it may seem a bit daunting to take a moment and remember what childhood is, as a non-perishable time of laughter and smiles. In this week’s blog, we help you re-create some of those childhood memories, South Florida Bounce style!

First, living in the moment is one of the best aspects life can offer us. Remember to put down your cell phones and pay attention to those around you. Have a pillow fight, bake some cookies, go to a movie together. Whatever the case may entail, be sure to take the time to stop and enjoy. Technology is a necessary evil, but you have the power to combat using that time that could be spent with your treasure of your kids.

Next, after snapping a bunch of pics with your cell phone, download them and get them prints made at a local Walmart and make a scrapbook. While it’s certainly nice to keep a collection of photos on your phone, scrapbooking can be special because you can make it a family activity.  Make that weekend getaway into a coffee table scrapbook that will spark conversations with friends and loved ones.

In addition to the scrapbooking and putting down that mobile device, why not have some fun with an old time favorite activity? Build a fort in your living room with blankets, chairs, and pillows. Follow up with a flashlight and telling some ghost stories over some warm buttered popcorn. It’s not about the money you spend it’s about the time that will make your kids remember what a great family they have.

Why not go retro and break out some vintage board games.  Make it a theme and encourage kids of all ages to embrace it. Your child will have just as much fun playing a game of Mousetrap as they would be burning up their video cards on X-box. Make it fun, change the rules, get creative and laugh!  Who knows, they may find the old-school way to be more intriguing.

The point here is to help you bring back some old school family fun and build new memories for you to keep forever.  Disconnect from the devices and reconnect with some good old fashioned fun.

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