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Bounce House Cleanliness and Safety

Bounce House Cleanliness and Safety

Want to rent a fresh and clean bounce house for your next party in Boca, Pompano, Broward or Palm Beach? Read on… 

The next time you look into renting a bounce house for your party or your event,  ask the company what they do to ensure the unit is clean and sanitized.  Many companies claim to have the cleanest attractions. We take extra precaution after every rental.  We do this first by sweeping, then vacuuming finish with soap and water and disinfectant.

The disinfectant that we use is a non-toxic cleaner.  It’s important to wash with Matt-Clean or Simple Green.  The it’s disinfected with Lysol or Clorox.  We make every effort to give the surface a complete scrub and pay attention to detail when it comes to our vinyl playhouses.   

The bounce house needs to have all windows, seems, and any exposed material be thoroughly wiped down with the disinfectant.  It’s recommended to offer hand sanitizer to your children before and after they enter the interior of dry bounce houses.

The bounce house should look clean and new.  If it looks faded with a lot of scuff marks, it’s possible the material is old.  What kid wants a dingy looking unit in his front yard?

Keeping our customers happy is important to us.  But what’s more, important is you and your child’s safety.  An attendant may need to be present for larger units.  It’s important that a bounce house company offers enough staff to be present to spot children from falling over the edges.  Children should never be unattended while playing and enjoying these attractions. 

The other issue with safety is proper tie downs and equipment when securing the unit to the ground.  Last summer the bounce house that became airborne during a water spout on a Fort Lauderdale beach wasn’t securely tightened.  It’s not recommended to allow children to use these inflatables during inclement weather.  We tell that parents don’t allow this either, there are more concerns such as lightning that can be of danger. 

When it comes to your safety and well-being, we do our best always to put our clients first. 

For more information about Party Rentals and Inflatable bounce house rentals in Boca, Pompano, Palm Beach or Broward Counties, CONTACT US. 

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