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South Florida Team Building for Little League

The foundation work for many individuals begins during Little League sports. Like many of us in the work force we must be involved in some type of teamwork with other employees for us to be productive. As parents were able to foster the skills necessary for our children to become successful. Many of life’s lessons may come from joining some type of athletic activity. What we couldn’t agree with that more. Here are some team bonding activities that you can expect will take place when introducing obstacle courses as a team event.

By hosting a team bonding event you are encouraging your players to work as a collaborative theme. Fun activities allow the members to see things differently although seeking the same goal. Whether the team wins or loses is not the end result. However, the types of activities you should encourage would be motivation, communication, planning problem-solving and resolving conflicts.

Socializing and making new friends allows people to be more productive in an office setting. While that may be true, this can also be valuable during Little League competitiveness.

Competing against each other as a team rather than an individual will help the players bond.

Other than bonding with one another each team player can be encouraged to come up with innovative and creative solutions so that their team is closer to crossing the finish line.

Just as the coach has an assistant to help him when needed, teambuilding activities also allows a collaboration and a chance to become comfortable working together.

Several of our obstacle courses can be set up in a parking lot or on a field. Inflatable such as our Cliffhanger includes a 33-foot-tall rock climb slide, tubes to crawl through and enclosed space. These features make it ideal for relay races and several other challenging activities.

Our Warrior – Dash includes a 27-foot rock climb slide and is 100 feet long with plenty of obstacles to make it a challenge.

Taken from the popular show “Wipeout” this inflatable has giant orb balls is enclosed and has lots of soft matting which requires arduous activity. Because this obstacle course is made with soft but pliable material, children are safe to climb and bounce to their hearts content.

No matter which of our obstacle courses you rent the bottom line is the group will be learning some invaluable skills that they will have for a long time to come.

By making reservations and hosting an obstacle course event, your team will not only have fun but will learn valuable lessons that they will carry on for life.

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