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Holiday Carnivals With Inflatable Fun

The holidays are a great time to hang out with family and friends. It’s also an excellent opportunity to visit one of the many holiday carnivals or festivals in the area. Many of our rentals will be out in the South Florida area making kids of all ages happy. In addition to the kids being happy, adults are delighted to know they can rent a bounce house, waterslide or obstacle course to make their event complete. Check out some of the best rentals available for this year’s fundraisers and festivities.

Disco Dome – If you’re guests like music and dancing this bounce house is one they will love. They can bounce to the joyous sounds of seasonal music or their favorite top forty. Whatever the case may be the speakers are enough to be heard in the next county. We know your kids or adults will get a big kick out of this inflatable.

Radical Run – For indoor and outdoor events where kids can let off some steam, consider our Radical Run obstacle course. Equipped with a 25ft slide and almost 90feet long this super rental is phenomenal for child participation. It’s also an excellent way to burn off some calories after eating all the carnival food.

Escape from Alcatraz – This obstacle course introduces several maze type tunnels, and plenty of places for kids to crawl, climb and bounce till their hearts are content. The only thing your child will need after a day of escaping Alcatraz is a comfortable bed! Whether this is a child or adult party, the fun continues for hours with any of our obstacle courses.

Total Meltdown – It seems kids these days stay competitive. Why not let them challenge each other to a complete meltdown that is interactive and gets them from behind the video games. Rather than sitting in front of the TV or computer, they can be a part of the action. This inflatable is ultra-safe and allows up to 8 players. On top of burning calories, this is a game that helps develop skills such as balancing and strategizing.

The Hurricane – Since Hurricane Matthew blew over most of South Florida, we’ve got another hurricane that’s taking its place. The Hurricane waterslide continues to be one of our hottest rentals and is perfect for the hot winter days in SoFlo. We can turn any parcel of land into a featured attraction with this 40-foot-tall monster waterslide. Be sure to book early as this is one of our most popular.

No holiday carnival can be complete without some activity. We provide you with the fun and entertainment that will turn your fundraiser or event into one that is memorable for years to come.

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