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Who Should Not Use a Bounce House

Bounce houses are extremely popular, as evidenced by the long lines of children waiting to use them. Bounce houses are safe to use with proper supervision and provide a fun entertainment for at home or for any special event. However, there are some children that shouldn’t be allowed to use a bounce house for their own safety or under certain circumstances.

The first rule of safety for a bounce house is to have a responsible adult monitor it at all times. That includes controlling the number of children inside at one time and watching for those that aren’t following the rules. An adult should be on duty at all times in the event that a problem with inflation occurs or a storm blows in.

Mixing Younger and Older Children

Mixing children of different sizes is dangerous. Safely using a bounce house means having users of similar age and size using it and the same time.

Large Groups

Bounce house participants should be limited to small groups, preferably of the same relative size and weight. Youngsters can get overly enthusiastic with their jumps and bounds, which can lead to falls and broken limbs.

Shoes and Sharp Objects

Children should never enter a bounce house while wearing shoes. It’s detrimental to the bounce house and can result in an injury to other youngsters. Users should remove jewelry and be free of sharp objects in pockets.

Wind and Rain

No child should be allowed to play in a bounce house when it’s windy or raining. A breeze that can blow paper, sand or dirt around is strong enough to move around a bounce house, even when appropriately anchored. Moisture coming in on children’s feet makes for an extremely slippery surface that can result in any number of injuries.

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