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The Ideal Pajama Party for Kids

Who can forget the fond memories of your first pajama party? When it comes to being a kid, these are one of the most exciting events you’ll ever remember. As parents, it’s our job to be sure these sleep-over gatherings are safe, fun and memorable. In this blog, we point out how to throw the pajama party of a lifetime that’s also ideal for you.

Plan Your Child’s P.J. Party Carefully

When it comes to planning your child’s pajama party, plan carefully. Things like snacks, where to sleep and who to invite are part of what makes your son or daughters slumber party a success. Invite the wrong mix of kids, or leave the activities up to your kids and his or her friends could end in disaster. Involve your children when prepping for the gathering. Make a list of what the night will entail such as watching movies, playing games and serving snacks are all a part of the organization for a big success.

Designate a Time for Pick-Up and Delivery of Each Guest

Everyone in the neighborhood has that one kid who moves in temporarily. While one extra child may not seem all that bad, if 12 kids were hanging out at your house hours after the party is over, you may get a bit cramped. Be sure to facilitate appropriate times for pick up and drop off so you can get on with your life!

Think Outside of the Box or Your Child’s Bedroom

Sleeping arrangements can be ultra-fun and easy if you think outside of your child’s bedroom. Pitch a tent in the backyard, or on the living room floor, make tepees and use decorative lights to make it more festive, throw sleeping bags on the floor, whatever you do, be sure to make it special. You’ll be much happier as your kid’s room might have a chance at staying clean!

Planning any child’s birthday party can be fun and enjoyable when planned properly. Visit places like Pinterest and Martha Stewart for more details and ideas.

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