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Fun Ways to Explore Nature with Kids

With the rigors and responsibilities of everyday life, adults can lose sight of the importance of exposing children to nature. There are dozens of fun ways for parents to explore the natural world with children of all ages that aren’t expensive and will instill a love of nature in youngsters.

Everything from the weather to rocks is just waiting to be discovered. Families don’t have to live near a forest or the beach to explore nature, though those locales can surely be included. Exploring nature is a fun and easy way to learn about the natural world. It’s a great way to relieve stress and children will also be learning disciplines that include math, science, and biology.

A walk in the park, nature trail or even the backyard provides healthy exercise and is one of the best ways to be up close and personal with trees, indigenous flowers, and wildlife. Children can collect leaves and identify different types of trees, learn about plants to avoid, and be taught about the preservation of endangered species.

For those with an artistic flair, buy a sketchbook and let them draw what they see. Younger children often enjoy finding colorful leaves and pressing them between the pages of a heavy book. Go on a seed hunting expedition to find different types of seeds and talk about how they’re transported from one location to another.

Even the weather has possibilities. Have kids keep a journal of the weather conditions at the same time each day. They can record the type of clouds they see, especially vibrant sunrises or sunsets and what caused the colors, and what the air smells like after a rain. It’s also an excellent way to teach kids about signs of incoming storms and precautions they should take.

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt and parents can create one with a nature-based theme. Send children out to find items such as three different flowers, aromatic leaves, pine cones, acorns or different types of rocks. Plants aren’t the only things to discover in nature.

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