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Best Food Truck Vendors in Broward County

Best Food Truck Vendors in Broward County

The staff at South Florida Bounce loves the local community.  So some of our posts focus of what’s good around town.  So we present you some of the best food truck vendors in Broward County. 

Everyone knows that when it comes to food vendors, some are better than others. When you live in a place like Broward County it seems almost every weekend these guys are at some event in town. But how do you know which are best and which ones to avoid? Well, we compiled a quick list of the ones that we think are pretty darn tasty and here they are:

Every Tuesday night in the City of Plantation you’ll find a family night at Heritage Park. Vendors like Munchie’s Snack Shack, Paradise Cups and BC Tacos.

Munchies Snack Shack offers some of the most delicious burgers made of 100% Angus Beef, and pair that with some curly fries and you’ve got a meal fit for a king.

Paradise Cups will cool you off with sweet treats, such as snow cones, ice cream and of course our favorite, Hawaiian Shaved Ice.
Of course, BC Tacos hosts an incredible selection of tacos that are all a-la-gourmet. Don’t forget to try their fried avocado tacos or the fresh buffalo Mahi for a taste that’s out of this world. Aye CA rumba!

If you’re looking for something more unique than a burger or hot dog, then we suggest checking out Red Zepplin who specializes in Main lobster rolls and lobster bisque. Nothing better than digging into this buttery shell fish that’s a step beyond the rest.
Hands down, Tip-A-Roos takes first prize for barbecue. We fell in love with their tri-tip that has the horseradish dressing paired with a side of their famous coleslaw, you just know you’ve met the South.

What would a food truck event be in South Florida without the Cuban Press? You can fill up on some hardy Cuban sandwiches with a side of rice and beans and never have to step foot in Little Havana. An excellent choice to experience diverse cuisine.

If you’re looking for a fun evening out, that’s generally a kid friendly place, look on the net at sites like “Food Truck Invasion” or Tunes-N-Trucks to find out who and where these events will be throughout Broward. Other than the food itself, most of the time these gatherings are FREE to the public.

We hope this helps you make a selection the next time you’ve ended up in Food Truck land. While we only highlighted a few here, there’s a lot of other vendors that are just as worthy of our ‘food critiqueness’. We’d like to hear from you!
Let us know who you think is the best food truck vendors in Broward County.

Don’t forget to check us out next week when we give you the low-down on Food Trucks in Palm Beach County to add to our series.

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